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"Something Salty"

About Salt

With estimate 700 million tons of Salt Reserves and Worldwide growing demand for this unique health reassuring natural deposits of Himalayan Salt embedded across this beautiful Country, we have stood up to contribute our share to provide the World with the best there is in salt whether it is Edible, Industrial or Handicraft by means of adapting state of the art equipment and procedures via our ever skilled labor.

Our Contribution

Under the brand name “SOMETHING SALTY” we provide a complete solution to your Salt needs. Whether Industrial, Edible, Agricultural or Handicraft and a whole lot of other forms we are a complete solution to your Salt needs.
Our uniqueness lies not in the method or machinery used to make the final product rather it is our specialist craftsman who lead us at the for front of our success story in this line of business. We are equipped with all the basic machinery and procedures that help us exceed customer satisfaction and timely deliveries.
Health is nature’s most precious gifts and staying Healthy is the best effort that can be per-formed. Bringing Salt minerals around your daily use is one of the best ways to thank Mother Nature. Of the many ways of staying healthy we give you one of the most easiest and effortless ways to cherish your health.

Basic Facts

Different parts of Himalayan Salt deposits will differ slightly in their composition. Still Himalayan salt is popular among health food advocates who seek it for the nutritional value of its fairly abundant trace of minerals.
A sample Rock includes Traces of:

  • Magesium Chloride Mgcl
  • Magnsium Sulphate MgSO2
  • Calcium Sulphate CaSO2
  • Potassium Chloride MCl
  • Magnesium bromite MgBr


Although Salt is used in numerous ways, some of its most common utilities are as follows:

  • Industrial: as a Preservative for meat, Refrigeration process in dyeing, manufacturing of Soaps and glass, medicene. etc
  • Edible: primarily in household as Table Salt
  • Handicrafts: custom designs in all sort of shapes, figures etc.
  • Deicing Salt/ Anti Icing:Salt makes up the core chemical whether to melt ice or delay its formation on the road surface.