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About Tapes

We provide a wide variety of adhesive coated substrates for a wide range of application needs. Our tapes are offered with silicone, acrylic, and rubber adhesive for applications requiring the chemical protection, high temperature resistance, and standard industrial requirements. In addition to our well rounded aviation and aerospace tape poduct line, we also have adhesive tape products, Lnc., offers the reassurance of over 30 years of experience in adhesive product industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, information, or samples.

Other tape products available

Aisle Marking Tapes Dispensers
Appliance Tapes Dry Vinyl Tapes
ATG Tapes Duct Tapes
Bag Sealing Tapes Electrical Tapes
Barricode Tape Filament Tapes
Book Binding Fluarescent Tapes
Channel Tapes Foam Tapes
Camouflage Tapes Gaffers Tapes
Conspicuity Tapes Glazzing Tapes
Differential Tape High Bond Tapes
Lead foil Tapes Reflective Tapes
Magnetic Tapes Safety Tapes
Masking Tapes Security Tapes
Pipe Wrap Tapes Splicing Tapes
Polyster Film Tapes Stationary Tapes
Polyethylene Film Tapes Striped Safety Tapes
Polyimide Tapes Tamper-evident Tapes
Premask Tapes Transfer Tapes
Produce Tapes Velcro Tapes
PVC Tapes Vinyl Tapes